Shared Ski Adventures

we are excited to announce… shared ski adventures 2020 Season! We are pleased to offer another great season of skiing through the partnership of Shared Ski Adventures (SSA) through the SportsNet program, at SWAIN Resort.  This adapted ski and snowboard program has existed for over 40 years, offering safe, affordable, high quality ski opportunities toContinue reading “Shared Ski Adventures”

Ray’s Social Club

Ray’s Social Club is an inclusive social outlet offered through CP Rochester hourly respite. The purpose of the club is to offer structured opportunities for individuals ages 15+ to come together once a month to connect with peers and participate in community-based social events. Ray’s Social Club brings together teens and young adults for socialContinue reading “Ray’s Social Club”

Service Learning Club

Service Learning Club is a social initiative provided through a partnership with CP Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology. This unique opportunity is designed to create meaningful experiences for individuals who are interested in connecting and socializing with peers, gaining volunteer experience, and making lasting friendships. With the support of CP Rochester Recreation SpecialistsContinue reading “Service Learning Club”

Cycling Lessons

We offer youth bike and trike lessons through CP Rochester Recreation Respite services. Enrollment in CP Rochester Recreation Respite is required. For non-respite cycling, click here. Program Type: CP Rochester Recreation RespiteLesson Cost: No cost to waiver participants for lessonsRental Cost: $5 per each half hour lessonDay/Time: Summer Tuesdays, half hour lessons between 4:00-6:00pm MoreContinue reading “Cycling Lessons”

Sensory Swim

A safe comfortable introduction to water for babies and toddlers. Sensory swim is an opportunity to help families with children ages 6-months to 3 years old access a safe warm and sensory friendly pool. Program Type: SportsNetAges: 6 months – 3 yearsCost: $10 per child and adult, per visitLocation: Valley Manor Pool (Independent Apartments), 1530Continue reading “Sensory Swim”

Earn Your Turns

The Earn Your Turns Program brings advanced adapted ski and snowboard instruction to local hills for an active and exciting introduction to skiing and snowboarding. During the lesson we incorporate fitness and practice of advanced skills like edging, twisting, and carving techniques, right from the beginning. We will adapt each lesson to fit individual needsContinue reading “Earn Your Turns”