Ray’s Social Club

Ray’s Social Club is an inclusive social outlet offered by CP Rochester through hourly respite. The purpose of the club is to offer structured opportunities for individuals ages 15+ to come together once a month to connect with peers and participate in community-based social events.

Ray’s Social Club brings together teens and young adults for social activities, friendships, and support. Unique actives are planned in advance and details will be sent out via email monthly.
Registration is required for each event.

Program Type: CP Rochester Respite
Ages: 15+
Cost: No cost to waiver participants
Location: Varies
Day: 1st Saturday of most months
Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm


Note: Enrollment in CP Recreation Respite is required. Additional department evaluation and approval may be required to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all participants. CP Rochester will not provide or coordinate transportation, so all transportation must be scheduled in advance.

Registration is required for each session at least 1 week prior to start date for processing. We encourage pre-registration as spots are limited.

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