1:1 Rock Climbing

We offer 1:1 adapted rock climbing, available at RocVentures on University Avenue for participants ready to go vertical! While we still have the opportunity to climb side-to-side at this public gym, we primarily use harnesses and top-rope climbing with our belay-certified instructors. Students will receive 30 minutes of instruction and will work toward developing coordination, balance and confidence.

*Enrollment in CP Recreation Respite is required, Private Pay options may be available*

Program Type: CP Rochester Recreation Respite
Ages: 5 years and older
Cost: TBD
Location: RocVentures, 1044 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Day: TBD
Time: 30 minute time slots between 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Notes: Close toed shoes required


Registration is required for all programs, many programs will fill to capacity during registration week or before start of program.

To Register for 1:1 Rock Climbing please fill out:

Email to jdana@cprochester.org to complete registration

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