SportsNet partners with the Rochester Yacht Club to provide accessible sailing opportunities. The sailing program varies each year, but most often includes sailing clinics in which participants are able to take a tour from RYC out onto Lake Ontario, viewing the shoreline and experiencing the thrill of zipping along with the wind filling the sails. Participants work with certified sailing instructors to learn about sailing, often taking hands-on roles in assisting with various tasks during the sailing experience. A hoyer lift on dock makes the boats more accessible, while some adapted seating allows for greater trunk stability as needed.

Program Type: SportsNet
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free event courtesy of the yacht club
Location: Rochester Yacht Club, 5555 St Paul Blvd, Rochester, NY 14617
Day/Time: TBD

Please stay connected as we update information for future 2022 sessions

Registration is required for all programs, many programs will fill to capacity during registration week.

To Register for a Sailing Clinic please fill out:

email to to complete registration

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